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Fifty Shades of Grey - The Movie: My Review

I've been thinking of writing this review for a couple days now and every time I stop, reconsider and give up. But, here we go! Oh! And have in mind that I'm not an Oscar critic ok? I'm just the girl next door. A FSOG addicted girl next door...

Alert: If  you haven't read the books or have and didn't like it or/and haven't watched the movie or had and didn't like, please, I respect your point of view, no one is obligated to like something just 'cause it's a worldwide phenomenon, but please, respect mine as well.

I've been a Fifty Shades fan since the beginning. I won't go back that much, but since then I already read the book more than 10 times (or almost 10 times), in Portuguese and English so I think I'll end up being pretty critic about the movie, not 'cause I didn't like it, not at all, but It wasn't the best movie I ever saw and I'll try to explain why.

I know movies based on books are not a copy of the books for various reasons, but I think somethings must be preserved so the movie end up having the same appeal or even more so. In this case, I think the movie lacked in intensity. All the books were so intense and the movie was not. Of course it has it's moments, a lot of them, but in general I didn't feel that building tension, that crack point of no return, you know? It was... plain.

A movie made for those who haven't read the book? Not sure. I've seen some people that haven't read the book and were pretty lost after watching the movie 'cause of somethings that we'll only understand in the second book/movie, but it was not for those who have read it either. To be true, I'm feeling ambivalent about it.

About the scenes, of course they cut a lot and not a single soul in the planet thought they'd put them all in the movie simply because it's not possible, but the main scenes, the most important ones were there!!! The interview, photo shooting, the elevator scene (fuck the paperwork!), Charlie Tango (one of my favorite scenes, not only because it's beauty, but also because of the actors and the soundtrack, just perfect!), their first night together and so on, but I missed parts of the story that I think should have been there during those scenes, like when Christian is taking Ana back home... It's in that moment when she first acknowledge of Leila's existence and they skipped that in the movie... We also didn't meet Mrs. Jones nor Dr. Flyn (ok, I can let it pass).

I won't even start about the mistakes 'cause you'll all call me a picky little bitch (and I know I am). I don't think it's that difficult to respect the clothes and accessories mentioned in the books, mainly when they have a reason to be in the story like Ana's blackberry which Christian gave her so he could keep contact with her all the time via phone, txt and e-mail and truth be told, that LG mobile phone Ana has in the movie can't do much of that, or when Christian's mother go to his house and Ana and Christian were in bed... when she goes out to meet Dr. Grace she should be pulling her sleeves down 'cause of the tie marks and not rolling them up!!!... But... ok. I can live with that.

Another thing that didn't escape me was the fact that while the book was written under a female point of view, it was the man character who stole the movie.

And talking about that...

Dakota... Sorry, but no. I'll give her credit when credit is due and every time she needed to act innocent and naive she did it nicely (the scene when she wakes up at his hotel room after drinking way to much the night before and Christian bites her toast... She nailed it.), but when she needed to be fierce or sexy... she failed, at least to me...

Jamie... I don't think words can describe my feelings right now. I must confess I didn't know him before he got picked to be Christian and at the beginning I was doubtful but he proved me wrong in the most delicious way. I won't talk about how sinfully hot he is (because we all know he is hot as f* and even it doesn't do him justice), but how much he impressed me, he truly was Christian Grey! The way he looks, walks, talks and stand himself was perfect! I could see Christian, at least the Christian I imagined while reading the book, in every scene, with every look, touch and thought. The belt scene? He n.a.i.l.e.d. it! He totally nailed it, the way he breathed and looked and moved around Ana was shocking in a very good way. So all my kudos (hearts and flowers) to Mr. Jamie Dornan.

The guy who plays Eliot (sorry I don't remember his name) is pretty funny and I think he matched the character really fine. 
I hate Kate (the character, not the actress), she's even more intrusive in the movie. Can't a girl (or a couple) have some privacy?
Christian's parents seems like... parents and Mia... well, she appeared in the movie for what? 10 seconds? Really can't talk much about them right now. But in a note, I liked Carrick, he really seems like a great father.
Ray is like Ray, never really stopped to wonder how he would be but it was really nice to see him in the movie, he looks like the cool and proud dad Ana described in the books and her mom is funny.
Taylor... I'd marry Taylor, ok?

I have to give kudos for the sex scenes as well. There was just the right amount of sex scenes not to turn the movie into a porn movie (I know some people already consider FSOG as porn, but I don't see it like that, ok? It's a romance and we all know that all the normal couples - bf/gf - out there have sex, so don't even start the crap). They were revealing without being gross or outrageous, in fact they were pretty classy and well done, leaving us to spicy it up (more) in our devilish imagination.

To sum it up, it is a nice ("nice, Miss Steele? Let me show you how nice it was knowing me") movie with great and classy scenes and an amazing soundtrack. Now I can only wait and hope that they don't light up the mood of the second book/movie that, for me, is the most intense one, where we'll get to know more about Christian and see the way love can change a person.

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