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My Twilight Saga review

Atendendo a pedidos, posto meu ultimo textinho traduzido pro inglês.



Hello there, Who could think I would ever come here to comment anything about cinema, one of the Seven Arts, the seventh, and the one I’m not that into. Yeap, who knows me know I’m not that die hard fan of cinema, but I’m about books.

The most commented subject nowadays, in fact, in the last 2 years, the Twilight Saga. I confess that I’ve never had that great feeling about this saga, that was ok for me, just another book made for teens. I didn’t get any excited even when I bought the first book, which was supposed to be a gift if I haven’t forgotten that on the store, what made me buy another gift to my friend and so I kept the book.

During more than one year I left my books – yeap, I have all of them or almost, I still don’t have “Breaking Down” – on the shelf getting old and dirty, I wasn’t even curious about that, I didn’t even open them to see what they looked like, but in a point in time I saw myself being “forced” to read them ‘cause I was feeling I didn’t have any subject to talk to my girls anymore. I wasn’t pro or contra anyone just ‘cause I didn’t know the story, so I couldn’t, I just wasn’t able to say anything, I barely knew their names, but I heard so much about it, I read so much about it, that I caught myself with a basic information: Twilight Saga was a love story between a hot vampire (Edward) and a human girl (Bella), but I didn’t even know where the hell those wolves would take part.

Acting like that wasn’t such a big deal, I was used to get away when the girls were talking about that, since I didn’t have anything to say, completely no sense for me, I felt like I was reading a chemistry magazine, where I barely could identify 2 pieces of that huge formula.

Well, my friend’s undeniable Love with Twilight Saga made me do some things. First of all, we didn’t think She would have a Premier on her city, or even that the movie would be out there in any cinema, so I decided to be part of all the contests that I knew that could get us to watch the New Moon Premier (yeap, the second book of Twilight Saga, what would force me to watch me the first one before that just in case I didn’t want to get absolutely lost, more that I already was), and so I did.

Facing this new reality I put myself some terms: If I was about to attend to any contest, not for me, but for her, and ‘cause of her love and anxiety and happiness, I would have to, at least, read the first book to catch up with the movie when I was about to go to the cinema, if we ever won, of course, and so I did.

I confess that the book got me bored at the beginning, with all those details about Phoenix and all those crazy and complex feelings of that shy girl, Bella. It took me 3 days to read 3 chapters, and another 3 days to finish the book. When the good vampire finally show up the book get more feelings and emotion, mainly ‘cause of the romanticism and hope. I ended up reading Twilight in about a week and then I decided It was time to watch the movie.

My first impression was that that movie was TERRIBLE, an awful resume of a book full of details. It seems that each time they would skip from a scene to another a huge part of the story and the feelings were left behind, at the same time new scenes that were never seem before in the book were taking places, but the movie was intriguing… It makes u feel like you want to watch it, and watch it, and watch it, and go on, now to stop being a romantic and start looking for mistakes, to find out new details, to find answers, to think…

So I dig into the second book, New Moon. Yeap, that was my target since the beginning and if I felt like gave up after that, that was ok. But that didn’t happen, in the first chapters the impossible love story got even more impossible, even torturing and I caught myself crying. I cried ‘cause I imagine the pain of being rejected, although I knew that wasn’t the real reason. During all the book I could feel the pain and the agony of losing the one you love, and a big fear that Bella could fall in love with that third element, her best friend that helped her to get out of that depression, or at least gave her some comfortable moments. Once more the book gets richer when the end is coming, ‘cause it made Bella think what was more important to her: life or love and ask herself if would be worthwhile to live in a world without her true love.

Impress I didn’t stop and I moved on with the reading. Right now I’m reading chapter 26th of Breaking Down (the last book of the saga).

But destiny played us a trick... I won that contest that would take me and my friend to New Moon Premier on November, 19th at 11:30pm…. But that didn’t turn out as we’ve planned, right Amoreca? As if a miracle could happen, She would have a premier on her city, what was pretty cool, ‘cause it wasn’t just fair that She would have to travel more than 6 hours to get here and spend a lot of money just to watch the movie… but that was a great idea, mainly ‘cause I miss her to death… In the end, I watched the movie almost 30 minutes ahead of her, ahead of my reason to become a Twilight addicted.

Do you want an impartial review? Well, the movie is pretty good, a way better than the first one, we don’t notice so many blanks and it seems like a better resume of the book, the scenes have a better quality, we have more special effects, but we still can notice some mistakes, simple ones, that any reader could’ve find the difference, like the new scenes that we still can’t find on the book, and most of them are totally unnecessary.

Edward is the great Guy, the good vampire that shines in the Sun light and that only eat animal blood, always with his mysterious looks and charming smiles, He stills charming although now He looks like trash in the end of the movie.

Bella is the typically uncoordinated teenager that is unable to walk without trip on her own shadows. She stills the same, uncoordinated, muddled, that is totally afraid of getting old mainly ‘cause she is in Love with that perfect Guy that Will never get a single wrinkle on his perfect face. Bella still having that great mind, thinking a lot, just like she is in the middle of a hurricane, thousands of thought per second, with her own sense of reality that makes all story to spin around her. Oh, and undeniable in love with Edward.

Jacob is the goofy Guy, such a big kid that is ready for everything, for any great adventure, to help his friends even knowing He could get hurt in the end, with such a huge heart and falls in Love with that cute and shy girl that came to the city, even knowing her heart already has no place or him, or at least, not in the way he would like to.

But in the end of the movie I had and insight.

It’s not a movie full of blank spaces or holes it’s Just the story being seeing by another point of view where Bellas’s thoughts were cancelled. Yeap, when we read the books, all those scenes are permeated and completed by those thousands of thought that brings meaning and make those scenes easier and clearer, since she is in the eye of the hurricane, the reason for the wolves and vampires competition, between the human and the supernatural. When you put that on the big screen you have to show what everyone could see without having to be inside Bella’s head, and the result is a movie with blanks waiting to be filled somehow, waiting for the sweet girl to come and fill that blanks spaces, what won’t happen, of course, so the audience will have to do that, and each one do that in a different way.

Thinking like that, the movie is totally addictive, like each new visit to the cinema or to your DVD shelf were supposed to bring you new details, a new scene, a new emotion, what won’t happen after a several times you have already watched it, but for any reason, that I still don’t know, the books and the movies are addictives what is pretty hard to explain, mainly me, that fight against this fever.

Today I’m going to watch New Moon again in the cinema (I told you it was addictive). It can be that I’ll come home even more mesmerized or addicted, or that I simply find another point of view… but till there, I’m already thinking: “How will it take till Eclipse Premier?”

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